About Me

I am a 50 something mother of three who is still happily married to my significant other, despite a few hiccups along the way, and we live together by the sea in Essex with our three children; Lillie, Beth and Josh.

Sound like the perfect life? It is until I explain that my three adorable children, two daughters and one son, are well past the toddler tantrums and fussy eating stage. They are growing up fast and as they get bigger so do the worries that go with having children. 

Then there is my mum. The kind of mum who has always been there for you but who now needs you to be there for her – if you only had more time.  

I am a part of that growing band of women who hit middle age and the menopause only to find themselves simultaneously coping with a growing family and elderly relatives. Together we make up the ‘sandwich’ generation.

I am mum in the middle.